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When planning a wedding or event, you have enough on your plate without having to chase down hotel sales people or trying to understand the fine print of room block contracts.

Hotel Gurus FREE service makes hotel room block booking a breeze!


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Benefits of a room block

Best Room Rates

Guests receive special room rates - often 15-40% less than standard rates

Guaranteed Availability

Rooms are guaranteed to be available


Convenience – it is easy for guests to book their accommodations

Transparent Process

Information about the block can be included with the invitation and on your website

Hotel Perks

Some hotels offer perks such as complimentary rooms and upgrades and discounted fees.

Better Events

Guests stay in one location, which makes it easier to socialize and coordinate transportation

Using Our Service

How It Works

We make booking a hotel room block for your wedding or event oh so easy!
Just follow these quick steps and our gurus will get busy researching hotel rates and availability for you.

Fill out our inquiry form. Give us the event details, number of nights, how many rooms, price point and preferences.
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Based on the info you provide, your dedicated guru will get busy negotiating the best hotel rates then send you a custom proposal with the options. Any questions, your guru is here every step of the way. We are always available to answer questions.

Once you select which hotel(s) you want to block, our gurus take care of the rest. We negotiate the contract language and perks* for you so you don’t take on into more financial liability than you want (attrition, resell clauses and pre and post nights – oh my!)


Once the contract is signed online (no printing, scanning needed!) our gurus create a dedicated booking link for your guests to block their rooms. Your guru will send you access to our tracking portal where you can see who has booked for which nights, how many rooms are available and more. And don’t worry, your dedicated guru will keep you on track until the event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A block of rooms with guaranteed availability and set pricing.
The hotel will set aside rooms specifically for your group. Your group will be required to book a percentage of rooms, also known as a hotel attrition rate (typically 80-90%). For example: If you contracted for 20 rooms x 2 nights, and the attrition clause’s rate is 80%, then your group would be responsible for filling a total of 32 room nights. If those 32 rooms aren’t filled, you may be charged for those unbooked room nights in your block. This is at the discretion of the hotel.

Guests pay the hotel directly. You will only be charged for unbooked rooms based on your contracted attrition rate. 

Rooms are guaranteed for your group and can’t be given away to others outside of your group. Hotels can offer upgrades and special promotions for guaranteed room blocks. These blocks are great for large groups, high-demand destinations and high-demand dates.


You are obligated to fill a percentage of the rooms. When setting up a Guaranteed Block, the hotel will require you to sign a contract and provide a credit card to which any unbooked rooms will be charged.

A block of rooms with a discounted rate, available for your group but NOT guaranteed.

Your group can book until the cut-off date if the hotel has rooms without financial obligation for you.
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Guests pay the hotel directly.

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A courtesy block hotel offers no financial obligation, which helps if you don’t have as many bookings as you expected. In other words, you won’t have to pay for those unbooked rooms yourself. Courtesy room blocks are particularly popular for weddings.

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Rooms are not guaranteed. The hotel can sell out and/or offer them to another group, especially during peak wedding and event dates. Often hotels do not offer courtesy blocks.
When setting up a Courtesy Block, you will still be required to sign a contract that will outline the quantity, dates, room type and rate being held for your group, but you will not be asked for a credit card as you are under no financial obligation with this type of block.
We recommend booking at 1-2 hotels max. Staying at a single hotel allows attendees to extend their celebration and spend more time together. However, guests may have different budget considerations, so in some cases, it may make sense to offer two hotel options at different price points. Hotel blocks require 10 rooms per night minimum. We recommend contracting conservatively to limit your financial obligation. When counting the number of rooms needed, consider couples and families as one unit, as they typically stay together in a single room. Also keep in mind that not everyone will stay at the host hotel(s), therefore reduce your estimated rooms by 10% to be safe.
Your guests can cancel their reservations per the hotel’s cancellation policy. Most hotels allow cancellation up until a few days before checkin. Be sure to note the hotel cancellation policy before booking.
More often than not, the block comes with a one-month cutoff prior to check-in. Once that cutoff date arrives, the discounted group rate is no longer available and any rooms that were not reserved are released back to the hotel so they can try to sell the rooms. At that point the guests will need to book at the current hotel rate.
One way to combat this is to book a few rooms under the event host’s name and then change the reservation name if a guest forgot to book. Just be sure to cancel unused rooms by the hotel’s cancellation deadline.
When giving you rates, the hotels look at a number of factors in determining the best rate. If you are looking at the rates over 4 months before the event, keep in mind that travel sites work on tiered pricing, meaning the price increases when they book a certain number of rooms. Most event guests do not make their reservations until 1-2 months before the event. At that point the rates on the travel sites will be long gone. Also check the terms to see if the rooms are non-refundable. Often the cheap early rates are, which doesn’t allow flexibility. If you have a group who is all able to book the current rates and terms, then go for it! We want you to get the best deal out there!
Since we are licensed travel agents, hotels pay us a commission for each room booked. This does not change your room rate or affect you in any way, but instead is a great way for us to be able to offer this service free to you, while keeping our doors open.
Out-of-town guests may appreciate a range of amenities including:

Comfortable rooms: Guests will appreciate spacious and well-appointed rooms with comfortable beds, high-quality linens, and modern amenities such as high-speed internet and flat-screen TVs.

On-site amenities:
Some guests may appreciate having access to on-site amenities such as a fitness center, pool, spa, bar and restaurant.

Convenient location:
A hotel that is located near the venue and other local attractions can be a major plus for out-of-town guests.

Transportation options:
It can be helpful for hotels to offer shuttle service to and from the airport or venue for out-of-town guests.

Personal touches:
Finally, out-of-town guests may appreciate personal touches such as a welcoming gift or a personalized recommendation for local attractions or activities.
Most hotels open their room blocks 9-12 months before a date. We recommend booking before you send save-the-dates so your guests can book early. The latest you can book a block is 2-3 months before an event.



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