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How Hotel Gurus Can Help You Find the Perfect Hotel Room Block for Your Wedding

Hotel room blocks are a great way to give your wedding guests a central place to meet and act as a home base for your wedding.

But trying to get a hold of local hotels, reading through contract language and trying to track the bookings can be exhausting. That’s why we were so excited to learn of Hotel Gurus, a company that will source and manage your hotel room block for free. It was founded by a wedding planner who was frustrated with the process of booking hotel room blocks for her clients. She created a system that makes it simple for clients. And better yet, as our client you get additional perks from the hotels!

How Hotel Gurus Can Help You Find the Perfect Hotel Room Block for Your Wedding
How Hotel Gurus Can Help You Find the Perfect Hotel Room Block for Your Wedding

We sat down with Hotel Gurus CEO Amy da Silva to talk about all things room blocks.

    Q: What is Hotel Gurus?
    A: Hotel Gurus is a free hotel room block booking service that helps event planners and couples find the best group hotel accommodations at the best rates. We work with over 50,000 hotels nationwide and secure room blocks that meet your specific event needs.
    Q: How do I get started with Hotel Gurus?
    A: Getting started with Hotel Gurus is easy! Simply fill out our online form with your event details, including the number of rooms you need, the event dates, and the location. We’ll get back to you in one week with a customized proposal. Once you review the rates, you will select 1-2 hotels and Hotel Gurus will manage the contracting process for you, send you the booking link and help you monitor the reservation process.
    Q: How much does it cost to use Hotel Gurus?
    A: Our services are completely free for couples and attendees. We are compensated by the hotels, so there are no additional fees or costs for you.
    Q: How far in advance should I book my hotel room block?
    A: We recommend booking your hotel room block as early as possible, especially if you’re planning a large event during peak travel season. This will give you more options and help ensure that you get the best rates.
    Q: Can I customize my hotel room block with Hotel Gurus?
    A: Yes, we can help you customize your hotel room block to meet your specific needs. We can work with the hotel to negotiate special rates, add special amenities, and more.
    Q: What happens if I don’t fill all the rooms in my hotel room block?
    A: If you don’t fill all the rooms in your hotel room block, you may be responsible for paying for the unused rooms. However, we can work with the hotel to set a “cut-off date” after which any unsold rooms in the block will be released back to the hotel’s general inventory, which reduces your liability.
    Q: Can guests book rooms outside of the room block?
    A: Yes, guests are able to book rooms outside of the room block if they prefer to stay in a different hotel or if the room block is full. However, they will not receive the discounted rate that is offered to guests within the room block.

We hope that this FAQ has helped answer some of your questions about booking hotel room blocks with Hotel Gurus. If you are ready to start booking your room block, please submit Hotel Gurus room block inquiry form. We’re here to help make your event planning experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

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